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Keep your pool and spa free from dangerous bacteria with Friendly Pool & Spa's range of quality pool chemicals. If you are unsure what products to use in your pool, our helpful and knowledgeable staff will make sure you take home exactly what you need to maintain good pool health.

Remember, Friendly Pool & Spa Care offer free water quality analysis, so if you need to check the condition of the water, bring a sample down to our Coconut Grove pool and spa shop. You will find our staff are friendly, helpful and ready to assist you with all your pool care requirements.

How does Soft Swim work? Click here to find out.

For competitively priced pool chemicals in Darwin, visit our Coconut Grove store or contact us.


Convert is a unique blend of minerals that transforms any ordinary pool to a soothing, sparkling swimming experience. Only one application is required to set-up your pool for Soft Swim.

  • Less chemical usage
  • Algae free pool
  • Clear and sparkling water

Mineral Springs

This product renews and softens your pool water with a unique mix of essential minerals. This simple once-a-week program maintains water balance by reducing the pH that naturally increases in salt water pools.

  • Soft on hair, skin and eyes
  • Sparkling clear water
  • Algae free pool


This product not only kills and controls bacteria and algae, it makes pool water feel incredibly soft. After the simple set-up you'll enjoy an easy, once-a-week upkeep program.

  • Soft on hair, skin and eyes
  • Algae free pool
  • Clear sparkling water


In conjunction with Synergy and Mineral Springs, Clear is a convenient once a week oxidiser for superb water clarity and improved swimmer comfort. Clear will also help control bacteria and prevent algae by removing swimmer wastes, as well as maintain your Mineral levels.

  • Swim within 1 hour of application
  • Soft on hair, skin and eyes
  • Clear sparkling inviting water